Thousands of cars on Carloha are added every day.

Certified Cars
  • Professional Inspection report
  • No accident
  • Less than 3 owner
  • Perfect conditions
  • Nationwide delivery
Market cars
  • Third party Inspection report
  • No accident
  • Various price range and vehicle conditions are available
  • Professional staff always at your service
  • Nationwide delivery
After-sales Service
  • Online Technical Guidance
  • Guarantee Of Quality
  • 7x24 Customer Service
Our Partner
In order to provide our users more choices, Carloha cooperates with national wholesalers and all mainstream brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota, and Honda. You can click to browse and select thousands of cars through our pre-order page. After you choose the one you want, Carloha will purchase and deliver it to you. So you can easily buy a car without leaving your home. If you have any questions, you can also contact Carloha customer service for real-time consultation.
What are Carloha pre-order cars? Where do all the cars come from?
All pre-order vehicles are not Carloha inventory vehicles. Carloha cooperates with national wholesalers and all mainstream brands to provide our customers with various selections.
How is the quality of the pre-order car?
The national wholesaler that Carloha cooperates with has its own inspection system: everything from the maintenance status of the engine to the half inch scratch on the bumper will be clearly listed in the professional vehicle inspection report. The most important thing for Carloha is the quality of the car, so we only select high-quality used cars shown on our website. Most of the vehicles even have the original manufacturer's warranty. So if there is any problem, the manufacturer’s authorized dealership will repair it for free.
Why should I buy from wholesalers?
Buying a car from the wholesalers not only guarantees the quality, but the price is 20%-30% lower than buying from a used car dealership.
How do I know the price?
The online page shows the starting price of the vehicle. For OTD price, please contact our customer service for further assistance.