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In 2014, Carloha was founded by former Toyota, Microsoft, and Google senior employees in New York, USA.
To provide a better user experience, in 2017 Carloha gradually added 3 operation centers and 20 “Carloha Home” offices in New York, California and other, providing seamless "online + offline + auto finance" services in 48 states across the US. Some of our services including buy, sell, loan, lease, insurance, extended warranty, maintenance, repair etc.
In 2017, Carloha teamed up with top consulting companies and the US government to start a two-year global survey. After field visits to different global regions such as Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and West Asia, as well as a comprehensive analysis of the market foundation and consumption habits of each region, we determined that Nigeria in Africa will be our first global market outside the United States in 2019.
In 2019, Carloha established a branch company Carloha Nigeria, to carry out US used car import, maintenance, car sales, after-sales service, and auto finance business in Nigeria, Africa.
In 2019, Carloha acquired a large car repair shop in Nigeria, Africa.
In 2019, based on China's rapid Internet development, Carloha established a technology center in Chongqing, China-Carloha (China) Technology Co., Ltd.-aiming to combine China's excellent Internet product experience with American operating experience to serve global businesses through Internet products. As of 2021, 0 to 1 team incubation and core product development have been completed.
In 2019, Carloha reached $100 million in annual revenue.
In 2020, Carloha established a comprehensive dealer network in Nigeria, Africa, and built up a complete online and offline factory, warehouse and 4S store network.
In 2021, Carloha purchased land in Nigeria, Africa, and established a 4S flagship store. Automobile industry in Chongqing provides Carloha with a complete automotive supply chain and industrial engineer team for Carloha Africa market.